Friday, January 22, 2010

The Full Monty

What is the Full Monty, and how will it make my Moped better?

The Full Monty is a tune-up that improves the overall performance of your 50cc 4 stroke scooter while at the same time adding reliability to the engine.

We change the belt and use one that is a different size. This belt lasts longer, and gives you better performance throughout the RPM range. This belt was developed for Honda. It is made in France, and we are the only company that I know of using it for the Chinese 50cc moped.

We swap the roller weights in your variator for a special blend of Italian rollers developed for high performance Yamaha engines that Moped Medic adapted for use in the Chinese 50cc engine to improve both take off and top end.

We install a jet we buy from Suzuki in the carburetor and make adjustments that will make the scooter start easier  on cold days and pull stronger from take-off. In addition, we install a special fuel line and hi-flow fuel filter. and inspect your fuel delivery system..

We change the springs in your clutch so it engages at a higher RPM. This improves low end acceleration.

We change your CDI for a special stealth unit developed for the Full Monty.

We change the spark plug. The one we use is made in Japan by the company that supplies Electronic components to most of the major Japanese auto and motorcycle makers, and provides a better burn than the most common stock and aftermarket plugs.

We open up the air box so your engine breathes better.

Optionally , we install the Chinese Firecracker, an aftermarket exhaust developed by Moped Medic that is light and affordable and functional. It sounds great.

One of our customers likened the Full Monty to what he thought would happen if he put an 80cc kit on his Moped, that is how much difference it makes.

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