Saturday, January 23, 2010


Your choice of Red, Yellow or Blue. Professionally assembled and with a full factory warranty, both Parts and Labor.

Reliable Marinelli design engine used by Yamaha, Genuine and Aprilia. No mixing of gas and oil, no oil changes, just quick, reliable transportation. And there is a lot of aftermarket performance support if you want to give it a LOT more power. The Speedy Moped comes standard with 12" cast wheels and sport tires, not the 10 inch stamped steel wheels found on most entry level mopeds. The Speedy Moped has plenty of power to carry 2 people over the Ravenal with ease.

The Speedy Moped was designed for a world where the moped serves as daily transportation, where Mopeds are expected to last 40,000 Mi. or more.

This is not the cheapest Moped out there, it is a high quality inexpensive Moped. It is quicker and more reliable than any 50cc Moped in this price range. You will leave your friends in the dust.

- Powerful 49 cc engine. Oil injection. Sports design.
- Modern bicolor seat. Helidraulic suspension.
- Automatic CVT transmission. Excellent acceleration.

LENGTH / WIDTH / HEIGHT 66” / 25” / 40”
DRY WEIGHT 176 lbs

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